Go Nomading with Kevin

It’s…Walkie Talkie Time

Tired of Zoom Meetups? I bet. Here is an opportunity.

Since Covid has begun here in SG, we have ping ponged back and forth from socialization and networking. People are exhausted from zoom, teams and whatever meetup platform.

I decidedly, along with friends, to Go Nomading to explore Singapore, mainly the nature areas, and it has been absolutely invigorating and the conversations delightful.

Since then, I have extended this to meet people I have never met before on Linkedin and it has incredibly invigorating, as well as, fruitful business and life discussions. Love it.


This walkie talkie time comes from wandering, wondering, and going walk-about during my time with Maasai Warriors in Kenya. We would wander and I would learn so much about their cultures which I have leveraged as my research for my book The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long

I invite you to connect with me and we can organise a time together for walk. Don’t be afraid I don’t bite.


As one does – our objective is to wander, in thoughts, ideas, get curious and discuss all things that pop into the mind.

We just go nomading and let flow what wants to flow.


  • Vegas rules apply unless permission is granted.
  • A pic of us together to be posted on Linkedin, IG and FB
  • Bring your own water and goodies if you wish.
  • Wear sensible shoes

How it works

  • Contact with me below
  • Pick a date and time
  • Decide on individual or group – 2-4 (Covid Rules)
  • Abide by the Covid Regulations – mask; social distancing (sort of); max 5 pax’s
  • Communication via Whatapp

Times and Dates

  • Sept 7, 2021– November 30, 2021 (except Sept 14)
  • Every Tuesday: 730am-930am
  • Place: Botanical Gardens (Botanical Gardens MRT stop)
  • Every Friday: 730am-930am
  • Place: MacRitchie Nature Reserve

Contact Form:

    For More Information:  Contact Kevin Cottam

    Ph: +65 90665010

    Let’s Go Nomading Together!