The Roots that Anchor Us

Go Nomading Pte Ltd is happy to humbly share that Kevin Cottam, CEO of Go Nomading Pte Ltd, Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker and Author has been recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches by Coach Foundation.


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Who Are We?

We are new. A new mindset, a new way forward, and a new solution. We realize that no one person, one group, or one organisation has all the ideas or solutions. Therefore, Kevin Cottam, CEO of Go Nomading Pte. Ltd., believes the way of the next professional evolution is the age of partnerships, which curiously, aligns with ancient nomadic business and trading traditions.

We are an evolving global group of partners and associates who have come together to fulfill and align with the mission, vision, and values of Go Nomading Pte. Ltd. to achieve three distinct goals:

  1. to help leaders and organisations evolve into sustainable ecosystems for the betterment of themselves, humankind, and the planet through developing future-ready leaders, teams, and organisations prepared for the 21st century
  2. to go exploring and uncover and expand your Nomadic Mindset so you can discover creative, agile, and adaptive solutions for the common good
  3. to encourage you to let the emergent voices of collective, creative wisdom define the 5D’s of your Journey Map of Success: Direction, Departure, Discovery, Destination, and Distillation
Let’s go Nomading Together

Why Choose our Community?

Our multiple years of global experience in leadership, creativity, life, industry, and work corrals a collective cultural wisdom that benefits organisations, individuals, and the planet to better uniquely serve our clients.

We bring the richness of an inclusive and culturally diverse set of mindsets, skills, and awareness to guide and assist you as you experientially journey through the 5E’s: Explore, Expand, Emerge, Experience, and Evolve.

Most of all, we are grateful to you.

Let’s go Nomading Together