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We Dare You to Evolve

Uncover Your Nomadic Mindset in Leadership for the Next Evolution

Let’s go Nomading Together

For the second year in a row, Go Nomading Pte Ltd has won a Corporate Vision Award. Kevin Cottam has graciously been awarded for ‘The Nomadic Mindset’ the ‘Most Inspiring Global Leadership Speaker 2023’. We are excited to announce this award and look forward to engaging with Organisations around The Nomadic Mindset. Please contact us for more information and booking this inspirational and timely speech topic.

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Go Nomading Pte Ltd is happy to humbly share that Kevin Cottam, CEO of Go Nomading Pte Ltd, Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker and Author has been recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches by Coach Foundation.


The Next Evolution is Here

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“We are migrating. Where we were is not where we are. We are evolving.”

Benson Muntere, Maasai Warrior, Kenya.

The Journey to Evolution



Go Nomading is a values-driven 21st century leadership learning and development company driven by an inclusive and holistic perspective of a sustainable planet, people, and performance. This mindfully drives our heartfelt commitment in the direction of our executive coaching, speaking, and training opportunities to help you expand, emerge, and evolve as brave, agile, impactful, and courageous future-ready leaders…

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In this ever-changing VUCA world of uncertainty, unknowns, and difficult truths, we help you evolve by expanding and adapting while offering you fresh perspectives and strategic creative solutions leveraging ancient wisdom, igniting hope, and uncovering your courage. Our unique nomadic leadership solutions, models, and processes derive from our study of the ancient wisdom, behaviours, and qualities …

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Leaders say the most needed mindset for organisations of the future is The Nomadic Mindset.

No real journey goes in a straight line, so in our sessions, we walk, guide, and collaborate with you. This allows you and your organisation to migrate through vast territories towards your desired strategic destinations, goals, and solutions with greater ease and awareness …

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These are just some of the benefits of learning leadership for the next Evolution you’ll realise when you reach your Evolution Destination:

  • become a more conscious, inclusive, empathetic, and impactful leader using the 5E’s
  • emerge with a culture that is sustainable and as a clear direction for yourself, your team, and your organisation
  • develop a more expanded vision leading to greater agility and innovation
  • experience greater confidence, authenticity, and presence
  • gain deeper awareness of your dominant mindset and associated behaviours
  • acquire practical self- and team-transformative tools for evolution
  • engage actively in the power of the collective wisdom for creativity, communication, and decision-making

Are you ready to experience how the ‘movement of the mind’ is a strategic principle for growth and expansion?

Let’s go Nomading Together








‘You need a nomadic mindset to connect the dots.’

Aissa Derhem, Phd, Berber Physicist, Morocco

‘Movement of the Mind’

Batgerel Bat, Head of the Branding Council of Mongolia, Mongolia

‘Think Vastly, Act Narrowly’

Binderiya, Mongolia

The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle … for Too Long is a leadership book for adventurous, courageous, and bold leaders. It is based on harvesting the ancient wisdom, qualities, and mindset of nomadic cultures as a new way to lead successful, engaged organisations.


Nomadic Mindset Journey Assessment™

The sole purpose of the NMJA online assessment is to identify at what phase you are at on your journey towards a fully developed nomadic mindset. The three phases are expressed as Departure, Discovery, Destination.

Understanding your NMJA result is part of how leaders can create their competitive edge in a highly evolving and transforming world.


Happy Satisfied Clients

What People Say

Kevin is unique. I have met with 100’s, no, 1000’s (!), of professional speakers during my 25 years as a professional speaker and I have met some amazing people and some speakers with amazing messages – but seldom do you get both of these at the same time. In Kevin you do. Not only does he have a stunningly beautiful and important message. But he is also a remarkable human being. I recommend him like I do not recommend many people: from my heart.

Fredrik Haren, Global Conference Speaker, The Creativity Explorer, Singapore

“This is one of the best leadership books I have ever encountered because it addresses so many aspects in a meaningful and authentic way, of how great business needs to be led and organised in order to thrive and flourish.”

Olivia Leong, CEO, VerraAsia, Singapore

“Kevin is such an engaging speaker that people enjoy his presentations and learn valuable concepts that they can apply both to their own lives and to their clients. Be prepared for a new perspective that is both simple and profound, and will leave you saying “I want that in MY life”!”

Kathy Harman, MCC, CCM, Coach, USA

“Inspiring sharing from Kevin about the Nomad mindset – thank you. My key takeaway is “Thinking Vastly, Acting Narrowly” as real nomads say.”

Emmanuelle Soulas-Noyoux, HR Project and Talent Management, Singapore
“The book tells how Nomadic mindset helps to think and develop the wise leadership. You need wise leadership in the organizations to lead and be successful in the long-term, and this is just the book with real life fresh experience from daily life.”
Sandeep Kumar Goyal, CEO Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd, India
Let’s go Nomading Together

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