Andrea T Edwards

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Tagline: Own your Voice!

Points to Learn

  1. Social leader is about creating conversations that stimulate change
  2. My mission is the power of the good potential of Social Media
  3. SM is the tool of transformation for Business today
  4. FB, Twitter and all the platforms need to clean up their act
  5. If you want to build trust, be authentic and honest
  6. We are not building the best world we can and I want to be part of the voice for this change
  7. Stop politicizing words which closes down meaningful conversations
  8. Be open to all cultures, voices and learn – STAY OPEN and come together
  9. The nomadic mindset is about the balance in nature with the bounty it provides
  10. Stop holding onto old industries
  11. Critical thinking helps taking down boundaries and remove FEAR
  12. Time is running out
  13. How can organisations embrace SM? It improves the bottom line and builds confidence
  14. Speak about what you care about. Embrace your voice

Duration: 39.36


Andrea T Edward

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Andrea T Edwards, CSP, The Digital Conversationalist, is a change agent, provocateur, passionate communicator and social leader.

Andrea challenges organisations to think differently about integrity in the digital age. To think differently about the positive potential of social media. And she challenges business leaders to understand that, the tool of business transformation today, is the powerful voices of employees as social leaders. Because it is employees who are the champions and true influencers for businesses in the digital age.

When organisations fully embrace this philosophy, social media becomes a catalyst for change. It engages and empowers individuals to serve the communities of their organisation, helps break down unnecessary siloes and hierarchies, while also empowering employees to gain control over careers and destinies.

Social leadership unlocks everyone’s potential, because when you own your voice, you own your future. If you want to create rapid and powerful change in your business, change that will fundamentally shift the way you think and act, change that will attract the best talent, empower your employees and draw customers to you, then speak to Andrea about how a social leadership culture can lead your business to achieve incredible results

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