Bavani Periasamy

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Tagline: Biggest Gift of Life is to Feel the Beat of your Heart

Points to Learn

  1. What is the meaning of gratefulness
  2. Gratefulness comes from the deep values we have and perspective of the world
  3. Step back and look at the bigger picture
  4. Be grateful always at any time for anything
  5. Take time away from Social Media
  6. Do not take anything for granted
  7. Things will go down before they go up – be optimistic
  8. Mindfulness needs to be practiced
  9. Take a good deep breath and connect to the life within you
  10. Say thank you as much as possible
  11. Being present plays a massive role in gratitude
  12. Create triggers to remind you to say thank you
  13. Puts your hands on your heart and feel the beat and your breath

Duration: 31.20


Bavani Periasamy

Gratitude Advocate, Coach and Speaker

Bavani PeriasamyBavani is passionate about bringing gratitude to life and creating the awareness to live with appreciation in a world now that is fast paced and very involved with technology and digital gadgets.

She is on a journey to remind people about the basic human connection and to invoke the sense of mindfulness of everyday actions that is often left unnoticed. Besides speaking and coaching, working with children and youth to always believe in their dreams and goals by being grateful for what they already have.

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