Alison Godenir

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Tagline: The navigators of the future is the millennials and Z’s.

Points to Learn

  1. What is Gen Blending?
  2. What are the definition values, behaviours, attitudes of the different generations
  3. Shifting the paradigm of organisations by re: blending
  4. Cross pollinating mentoring is a success for organisations
  5. You need community inside and outside your business to move forward
  6. Gen Z’s do not relate to ‘work’ or ‘employee’ – they love – co-creation / Millennials love collaboration
  7. Gen Z’s move past collaboration and live in Creation
  8. Look at the language – new align, new invent and forget the ‘re’
  9. Use the word ‘preneur’ – intrapreneur, solo-preneurs
  10. The human being is more than a resource – what is the role of humans?
  11. The pyramid of organisations need to flatten
  12. In Gen Blending we annihilate business models and birth new ones
  13. The roles remain but the structure around them needs to change.
  14. Millennials think in circles and Z’s in spirals – there is not beginning and no end
  15. Observe 6 intelligences: emotional, logical, creative, sensory, agility, love
  16. How do to create the New New? You cannot do it without the millennials and Z’s
  17. Command and control in organisations is not going to work now and the future.
  18. Bring in the ‘squad’ of youngsters with the C-suite – this starts the blending

Duration: 45.14


Alison Godenir

Gen Blender, Behaviour Alchemist South Africa

Alison GodenirAlison Godenir is the initiator of Gen Blending™. Her intent is to put humanity back into business. She ardently believes an organisation is only as good as its people, therefore building and sustaining relationships forms the basis of her revolutionary interventions, which in turn improve moral, employee engagement, performance, productivity and profitability. She is a non-traditionalist who goes out on a limb to seek creative solutions from new perspectives. She is an ambassador for change, bringing new models of thought, behaviour and integrity to the world.

As a Generation Specialist she serves as a catalyst synergising generational differences to create intergenerational unity.

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