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Mesmerizing | Authentic | Inspiring | Engaging | Refreshing | Unique

Spoken and lived on 4 continents & 12 countries

For the second year in a row, Go Nomading Pte Ltd has won a Corporate Vision Award. Kevin Cottam has graciously been awarded for ‘The Nomadic Mindset’ the ‘Most Inspiring Global Leadership Speaker 2023’. We are excited to announce this award and look forward to engaging with Organisations around The Nomadic Mindset. Please contact us for more information and booking this inspirational and timely speech topic.

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“At OCBC, we encourage our employees to embody the nomadic mindset championed by Global Nomad and celebrated figure-skater, choreographer, and coach of Olympic figure-skating champions, Kevin Cottam, whose gems of wisdom resonated powerfully with everyone in attendance at The #GrowYourWay Show at our Grow Your Way: Expedition 2023.”

While Speaking at OCBC Bank Singapore

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“We are migrating. Where we were is not where we are. We are evolving.”

Benson Muntere, Maasai Warrior, Kenya

Why Listen to Me?

Because, as a leadership coach and professional speaker, my passion is to dare your audience to evolve through adopting a Nomadic Mindset.

For over 40 years, I have choreographed, inspired, coached, and guided, world and Olympic figure skating champions and directed the 1988 Olympic Closing Ceremonies. I have acted as a changemaker by sharing my knowledge, methods and models (Nomadic Performance Rewiring) with leaders and organisations like Novartis, Club Med, and Givaudan. Now their executives and teams have a fresh perspective to successfully lead, be resilient in the face of adversity and uncertain times, expand and evolve their mindsets, and create the cultural transformation necessary to tackle the next evolution with courage, confidence, and a commitment to sustainable growth.

How did I discover this wisdom? I researched and spent time in nature with nomadic cultures in Mongolia, Kenya, Morocco, and Namibia while also interviewing over 100 corporate leaders. This is where, I discovered The Nomadic Mindset, the mindset corporate leaders agree is needed most for the next evolution.

You and your team will be transported on a uniquely colourful, story-packed journey, as I share with you learning points from my life experiences integrated with nomadic wisdom highly relevant and necessary for navigating the world’s uncertainties.

The fresh behaviours and pro-active adaptive strategies with tools and tips will assist you to change perspective escalating your leadership evolution. You will leave saying, “I want more of that.”

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Why you should engage with Kevin

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Easy to work with.

I believe in partnerships. This means mutual respect throughout the collaboration process so everyone Evolves in the best way for them.

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Unique content and perspective.

Journey towards a more expanded state—The Nomadic Mindset. 

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Global experience:

This global nomad started life in a logging camp of 400 people on an isolated lake in Western Canada;

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“Kevin is unique. I have met with 100s, no, 1,000s(!), of professional speakers during my 25 years as a professional speaker, and I have met some amazing people and some speakers with amazing messages. But seldom do you get both of these at the same time. In Kevin you do. Not only does he have a stunningly beautiful and important message, and he is also a remarkable human being. I recommend him like I do not recommend many people: from my heart.”

Fredrik Haren, The Creativity Explorer, Global Conference Speaker, Singapore

The Nomadic Mindset Keynote Topics

All the topics listed below draw on research gleaned from both nomadic cultures and executives around the world and are captured in the leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle … for Too Long.


Mindset is Your Capital: Creating High-Performing, Agile Teams

Two of the biggest challenges HR professionals and leaders face are hiring the right people for the right position and building high-performing teams that mesh.

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The Nomadic Mindset UNCOVERED

My unique combination of personal mindset and executive and poll research have shown me the mindset needed in organisations now more than ever before is The Nomadic Mindset. What is this mindset?

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We Dare You to Evolve: MoveON

In this VUCA world, change is the only constant. Change implies MovingON, and for many, MovingON can invoke fear or inspire opportunities. From The Nomadic Mindset perspective, MovingON invites evolution instead.

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Let’s go nomading together
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  • story filled
  • colourful slides
  • interactive elements
  • a physical, mental, spiritual journey
  • fresh, unique, original content
  • ideas to leave you more inspired, open, and expansive and ready to Evolve
  • take-aways for becoming the best you
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  • pharmaceutical, health, well-being, renewable energy, mobility
  • sports, entertainment, and special events
  • technology, telco
  • travel and hospitality
  • digital nomads, entrepreneurs, start-ups
  • chambers of commerce
  • public and private sectors, NGOs
  • education and associations
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Keynote Length Options

Formats: virtual, live, or hybrid
  • 20-minute TEDx style
  • 45-minute keynote
  • 90-minute interactive keynote
  • plus, the essential book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle … for Too Long

NOTE: an optional add-on includes a two-hour workshop following the keynote to capture and work on the content.

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Happy Satisfied Clients

What People Say

“The facilitation session I attended was a wonderful self-discovery journey for me!

The experience left me with a deeper appreciation for the power of nomadic mindset in driving progress. I believe that these principles can be applied in various contexts to foster collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation.”

Ronnie Low, Assistant Director, HR, IPOS International, Singapore

“Fantastic and unique experience to have Kevin Cottam come to the Novartis site in Tuas, Singapore, inspiring all of us to search for our own Nomadic Mindset. We all have faced lions in our lives. I am sure we will keep facing more lions. Having the courage to look into the lion’s eyes then MoveON by taking the risk to move into the unknown and to migrate—in your mind … this is the best way to start 2021!”

Ana Locatelli, Site Head, Solids Novartis Technical Operations, Singapore

“I learned about the nomadic mindset a year ago when I met Kevin Cottam. In today’s world, his message is highly relevant and inspiring. It is a refreshing guide to expand our mindset and developing our leadership.”

Juan Jose Zevallos, Global Human Resources Leader (Alcon)

“Kevin is such an engaging speaker that people enjoy his presentations and learn valuable concepts that they can apply both to their own lives and to their clients. Be prepared for a new perspective that is both simple and profound, and will leave you saying “I want that in MY life”!”

Kathy Harman, MCC, CCM, Coach, USA

“EGN Singapore (Executive Global Network) today held an engaging event called … “The Nomadic Mindset Unleashed for the 21st C Organisation.” Three keys learned from the presentation: 1. remember nomad means, ‘The Movement of the Mind,’ 2. ‘Think Vastly; Act Narrowly’ in your life and company, 3. Berber nomads from Morocco in the Sahara Desert say, ‘Everything is an opportunity,’ even the desert.”

Nick Jonsson, MD of EGN Singapore

“Loved the session! Inspiring sharing from Kevin about the Nomadic Mindset. It was an eye-opening experience to be aware of my own mindset and appreciate how ‘stepping in [to]’ a new mindset can help me navigate better the complexity of our world, especially during this pandemic situation. I especially resonated with the ‘expansiveness’ of the mind and looking for ‘what does not fit’ [so we can] be very sharp in our focus and very decisive in the action we take as a result. I believe all leaders would benefit from developing their Nomadic Mindset to increase agility, flexibility, [and] fluidity in the way they manage their teams and their business. Thank you, Kevin.”

Emma Noguchi Devianne, Director, Singapore

“A fantastic way to start a Friday morning. Interactive and engaging session from Kevin Cottam on the Nomadic Mindset. Key takeaways from the session were to have an open mind, focus on the art of the possible, and be forever curious. Kevin explained that to have a Nomadic Mindset is to have “movement of the mind,” a great message as we all look for ways to understand and thrive in the current environment.”

Michael Henry, Digital Executive, Future of Work, Workplace Experience
Let’s go nomading together

Full Length Videos

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My Story: Connecting the Dots

I grew up on Lake Cowichan, a majestic, pristine lake bordered by two mountains on the west coast of Canada. Caycuse Camp was a tiny logging camp community of about 400 people at its peak. My journey to Evolution began when it was time for me to go to school and my parents decided it was time to MoveON.

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Simple Facts

Lived in 12 major cities on 4 continents, visited over 60 countries
Choreographed for 15 World/Olympic figure skating and synchronized swimming champions and medalists
Directed and Choreographed ’88 Olympic Closing Ceremonies
Directed and Choreographed multi-million dollar International Figure Skating Shows for Disney on Ice and Holiday on Ice
11 years Coaching leaders at the EU Institutions and Agencies
Danced the CanCan at Le Bal du Moulin Rouge
Award winning short dance filmmaker
Choreographer on 4 Award Winning Figure Skating TV Specials
Author of 2 books
Support/Sponsor education for Maasai children
Lived and researched with 4 nomadic tribes: Mongolia, Maasai in Kenya, Berbers in Southern Morocco, Bushmen or SAN of the Kalahari
Kevin possesses unparalleled global experience. This global nomad began his life in a logging camp of just 400 people on an isolated lake in Western Canada. His world is shaped by his passion for culture, nature, diversity, and inclusivity as an interconnected world. You will be left with no choice but to take some of this passion with you on your Evolutionary journey.
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The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long

by Kevin Cottam

Paperback / e-Book available on Amazon:


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