Junxian Lee

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Tagline: ‘Embrace Change’

Points to Learn

  1. Do what you love to do
  2. Follow the correct answer…
  3. Embrace your own uniqueness
  4. Reimagine, Redefine, Reinvent
  5. Tech allows us to see how the consumer journey call look like
  6. Do not oppress the kindle inside of you as it might not be socially acceptable
  7. We need to come from the mindset of a nomad
  8. Consistency of mindset gives stability and comfort
  9. Crave adventure, wanderlust
    When you can’t move, you find out how you can move
  10. Trust is built by acts of good
  11. Nomadic mindset more relevant today than before
  12. Do not hold onto old mindsets
  13. Humanity is vital today
  14. Embrace the nomad inside of you – don’t resist it
  15. Failure is liberating, it is based on Trust
  16. I care as the CEO
  17. Trust that each of us holds to the high standard

Duration: 35:44


Junxian Lee

CEO of

IMG_20190619_1552361Junxian is the Co-founder and CEO of Moovaz, a machine-intelligence-driven platform built for the 1.8 billion globally mobile professionals. He has experience launching startups in e-commerce, fintech and cyber-security industries and also has prior experience in investments with a large tech corporate fund.

During his free time, Junxian enjoys hiding behind the coffee counter as a barista at Reedz Café, a chain of cafes serving the tertiary education and business park communities, which he co-owns.

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