The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long (Paperback)


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Author: Kevin Cottam
Editor: Christine Gordon Manley,  Bobbi Beatty
Illustrator: Rob Allen, Karl Hunt
Photographer: Hicham Zemmer, Orgil Batsaikhan

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The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long E-book

This leadership path book is divided into five parts: Direction, Departure, Discovery, Destination, and Distillation to aid your Rethink. You are currently in Part 1: Direction. It is not meant to be a how-to or what-to-do book, yet it gives you many ‘how’ gems. It is organized to give you rethink questions along with rethink pages at the end of each part to jot down some thoughts and actions.

The principle content exists within Parts Two through Four – Departure, Discovery and Destination. A short wrap-up is in Part 5: Distillation. Whether you’re embarking on a physical journey or a symbolic one (perhaps an important meeting, negotiation, or a big keynote), most of us go through these five parts.

Part 2: Departure – When you first head out on a journey, you want some general information about your trip. This part is divided into three Departures: Indulge in the Tea Ceremony, Taste some Nomadic History, and Recognize the Nomadic, Builder, and Settler Mindsets. I recommend, if time permits, that you read Part 2 in one sitting; then take time to rethink/reflect and answer some of the questions on the Rethink pages provided at the end of Part 2.

Part 3: Discovery – This section is divided into nine independent learning days and I encourage you to read one day at a time; then rethink, answer the questions and capture any thoughts on the Rethink pages after Day 3, 6 and 9. Each day is rich in story and offers different qualities of a nomadic mindset while integrating executive case studies and quotes from conversations with executives.

Part 4: Destination – The word “destination” can mean goal or outcome or be the term you use for reaching the end of your journey, project, negotiation, or conversation. There are three Destinations: Believe: Culture is a Pillar, Integrate: the Ability to Sustain Sustainability, and Remember: Never Settle . . . for Too Long. They are broad, defining thoughts and actions, necessary to succeed in Industry 4.0. Feel free to capture your thoughts on the Rethink pages at the end of Part 4.

In the end, you alone decide what you have experienced and learned on any journey. My hope for you is that by reading this five-part mindset exploration, you will be inspired to explore, rethink your current leadership and how it can improve through discovering new pastures, and respect humanity as a sustainable necessity. I invite you to migrate to expansion. Happy Nomading.


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