Aha, Mother’s Pearls


Author: Kevin Cottam
Editor: Gordon Thomas
Cover Design: Cory Wright
Photo: Bojan Tercon

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To lead profoundly in life or in work we need to know ourselves and move from the inside out. Moments that change the course of your performance in life often appear like a flash of light coming out of nowhere, from a voice you may have heard from deep within or an image you may have seen. In whatever situation, the beautiful pearl of knowledge is revealed to you, it is sitting there behind the curtain, waiting to be discovered. Leaders learn from these experiences, do you?

Through a collection of 27 personal reflections and recollections on his own life, Kevin J. Cottam invites you to use your personal moments or awakenings when the word Aha spontaneously appears as a pearl of wisdom and guidance for your performance in life.

These 27 short stories have appeared from Kevin’s different experiences from around the world. This creates a greater poetic richness in the content and meaning.

‘Moving, honest and from the heart, ‘Aha, Mother’s Pearls’ is a true treasure – a beautiful necklace with its stones of wisdom, bright and timeless to treasure.’
Vivienne Vermes, Author, Paris.


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