Fredrik Haren

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Tagline: The more I know the more I know what I don’t know

Points to Learn

  1. Creativity is a way to approach life
  2. What is the best way to explore your subject
  3. How to venture into the unknown – what you don’t know!
  4. Curiousity one of the most important aspects of being an explorer – go deep
  5. 2 parts of creativity – 1. New input / new inspiration 2. Exhaling and reflecting and putting it all together.
  6. What we can learn about creativity from different cultures
  7. Combining old information with new information is creativity
  8. Aim to be comfortable in the unknown zone
  9. Reshuffling people in boxes is not creating change – you need to help people understand direction – give them direction not position
  10. People who have creativity have less problems in life
  11. Everyone has the potential to be creative
  12. Creativity is 90% mindset – 10% knowledge – new knowledge
  13. Ability to question everything – it was right then but it is right now!
  14. People need to upgrade/update your knowledge – today people are generally downdated
  15. Search for the best opportunity – moving to a better place
  16. Opportunity is the name of a wind – ‘the wind that brings you back to your harbour’ – you need to know what wind it is
  17. Conscious movement with a purpose = nomad
  18. Learn to observe more from a full 360 degrees
  19. Humanity to the power of ideas

Duration: 45:57


Fredrik Haren

Fredrik Haren

Fredrik Haren is The Creativity Explorer.

He is driven by his Inner Theme: “Humanity to the Power of Ideas”. Fredrik believes in the potential of humanity and in the power of human creativity. He is passionate about helping as many people as possible reach their full creative potential.

Fredrik Haren travels all across the globe to learn about human creativity. From North Korea to South Africa. From plains of Mongolia to Silicon Valley. For the last 20 years he has interviewed thousands of creative people in all walks of life, and inspired over a million people from the stage.

Fredrik is an author and global keynote speaker who speaks on business creativity and human innovation, on embracing disruption and change, and about the importance of having a global, human mindset.

He has given over 2,000 speeches in 67 countries across six continents of the world, and usually speaks in 20 to 30 countries per year. For his books he travels to 20-40 countries for his research.

Fredrik is the author of 10 books, the most significant ones being The Idea Book, Developing World and One World One Company. The Idea Book has sold over 200,000 copies, and was included in “The 100 Best Business Books Of All Time”. His next book is entitled “The World of Creativity”.

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