We pledge alignment and integration of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s), https://sdgs.un.org/goals, into our business vision, values, practices, and relations with our clients and stakeholders.

Even though we regard all the SDG’s as vital for the survival of our planet, our focus is on the following SDG’s;

sustainability pledge

How does Go Nomading Align and Commit

  1. We put our commitment to the SDG’s at the forefront when discussing potential partnership or projects with clients and all stakeholders
  2. We include these goals in our work materials, workshops, courses in our work, e.g. including the conversation in our coaching sessions and especially in the chemistry sessions
  3. We include in our offers to clients, that we donate a minimum of 10% of our contract to sustainability causes in the name of the organisation or individual we are working with. We also do this for podcast guests.
  4. We research the clients and decide if we are in alignment and if not, we would reconsider doing business with them. g. if a prospective client was in the Energy Sector, we would only work with Renewable Green Energy.
  5. We actively look for ways we can partner with organisations on these goals and our products
  6. We engage in donations to respected and well proven organisations that are in Education or Saving the Planetary Ecosystem
  7. We stay on top of the latest articles and media
  8. We integrate our thoughts and share posts on Social Media

Current Activities

SDG 03/04

  1. Speaking at Summits and Institutions
  2. Privately sponsoring and supporting education of Maasai Children/Young Adults in Kenya
  3. Posting on Social Media

SDG 13 / 15

  1. We are grateful to align with the initiatives of rainforesttrust.org
  2. Current yearly donations:
  3. Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo – endangered Gorilla’s Chimpanzees, Forest Elephants and Biodiversity – https://bit.ly/3fdf2zF
  4. Sumatra, Indonesia – protect the Leuser Ecosystem and rare Sumatran Species – https://bit.ly/3zNo4g2