The Nomadic Mindset for
Masterful Coaching

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Course Launching February 23rd, 2022

With Kevin Cottam, PCC, Global Nomad

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The Nomadic Mindset, the Disruptor

Kevin Cottam has effectively taken a subtle mindset shift and raised it to coaching consciousness. The Nomadic Mindset clearly sets forth a way of approaching the world that is energizing and motivating for both coaches and clients.
Kathy Harman, MCC, CCM, Coach

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The Nomadic Mindset for Masterful Coaching

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About the Nomadic Mindset for Masterful Coaching Course (NMMCC)

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.
Albert Einstein

The NMMCC, is about developing mastery in coaching through exploring the nomadic mindset. It is a sustainable, simple flowing coaching process.

It covers a 4-month journey interconnecting ancient nomadic wisdom and nature with contemporary mindsets and behaviours.

Based on my research visiting Nomadic cultures in Mongolia, Massai in Kenya, Berbers of the Sahara in Southern Morocco, Himba and SAN Bushmen in Namibia as well as with executives, I have interwoven a tapestry of behaviours, ways of being, processes and models into a fresh mindset disrupting our old operating system mindsets.

Executives, Leaders, HR Professional, Coaches researched, agree,
the Nomadic Mindset is the most needed mindset for now and the future

Your Clients

Change is the only constant. It goes without saying we are in living in unprecedented VUCA times. Your clients and many of you are struggling to make sense of the unknowns, uncertainties, disorientation in so many aspects of their life, work, finances, mental health…

If you are to coach, guide and support your clients in weathering the storms of tomorrow, the NMMCC invites you to explore with your clients a fresh way to behave, lead, create and think, while navigating these rapidly shifting and changing tides.

*for internal and external certified coaches with over 200 hours of coaching (possible exceptions)

The Nomadic Mindset is a powerful navigational toolkit
Muloongo Muchalemba, a Rhodes Scholar from Zambia and x Banker

Launching February 23, 2022

Some of what you will Gain,

  • Fresh perspective and awareness for your coaching practice inviting transformation.
  • Results from your Nomadic Mindset Journey Assessment (NMJA)
  • Clarity and awareness of three different mindsets – Nomadic, Builder and Settler;
  • Flowing coaching process adapting ancient nomadic wisdom for contemporary needs
  • Coaching confidence by using strategies for ‘bouncing’ with your client to help them expand their mindsets
  • Tools, 10 primary behaviours crucial in a coaching practice to create sustainable lives, work and the world today
  • Paths to enrich the ICF core competences.
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On December 8th, 2021 – 7:00 – 8:30pm (SGT)