Number of hours: 8 hours / each session 2 hours
Number of days: every Tuesday
Number of weeks: 4 consecutive weeks
Dates: March 21/28 April 4/11 2023
Time: TBD
Format: Zoom
Attendance: compulsory for certificate
Videos: Compulsory Videos on all the time
Method: Education / Interaction / Experiential  / Practice compulsory to improve
Feedback: Be prepared for feedback in public and private


Terms of Payment / Cancellation / Certification

  1.  Payment in full on signing up for the course
  2.  If the course is cancelled due to low enrollment or any other reasons your money will be refunded in full or you can opt to  carry it over to the next course.
  3.  If you are not satisfied for any reason after the first out of four sessions your money will be refunded in full
  4.  After the first session, you are therefore understood to be fully committed and there are no further refunds.
  5.  If you cannot attend any sessions, you must give notice in advance ( and a recording will be sent to you for review.
  6.  Any preparations or course assignments for each session, you are totally responsible for and are to be completed.
  7.  At the end of the course and if you have fulfilled all the requirements, assignments, compulsory attendance and participation you will get a certificate ‘3 Pillars for Successful Interviews’.
  8.  Go Nomading Pte Ltd will provide material, if applicable, for the learning journey.
  9.  Go Nomading Pte Ltd cannot be held responsible nor liable for you successfully getting or not getting a position, how you perform in an interview or failing to perform well, or use the training to your maximum after completion of the course.
  10.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with successful, tried and true techniques for interview preparation. Our method is not the only method and this is the one that we follow.

We very much look forward to a successful course and working with you.