Welcome to the Nomadic Mindset Journey Assessment (NMJA)

Research Shows

My research of nomadic cultures in Mongolia, Kenya, Morocco and Namibia plus over 100 executives and polling in Keynotes and Webinars has shown to me that the mindset needed to navigate this new World we find ourselves in, is The Nomadic Mindset.  Why?  Because this is the fluid, agile, adaptive, co-creative community of collective wisdom, visionary, strategic mindset that lives within all of us. It is just not tapped into enough.

Sole Purpose  

The sole purpose of the NMJA is to identify at what phase you are at on your journey towards a fully developed nomadic mindset. The three phases are identified as Departure, Discovery, Destination. It is an online assessment whereby the user will answer 30 statements measuring on a range from strongly agree to strongly disagree.  Following this the user will be sent a report to define more clearly the results and suggested steps forward.

Competitive Edge

Understanding your NMJA result is part of how leaders can create their competitive edge in a highly evolving and transforming world. This journey can assist you professionally and personally to become more aware of performance issues such as,

Organisational Output

  • Identifying and building greater awareness of leadership, management and employees “operating styles” and how this may be impacting the organisational journey
  • Understand why communication and negotiations can go sideways
  • Helping HR professionals identify talent and gaps at all levels
  • A positive tool for discovery, innovation, hiring, negotiation, sales, communication…
  • Help leaders see from a broader more expansive view of their organisational map
  • Be instrumental in developing a bolder business model with focus on interconnected ecosystems
  • Develop your competitive edge


Personal Output

  • Where are you on your nomadic mindset journey
  • Develop greater awareness of yourself
  • What behaviours and qualities can strengthen your growth as a nomadic leader in terms of broad thinking, bold action, performance, and confidence.
  • Your shadows sides which may be holding you back
  • Help develop a courageous, collaborative and co-creative way of seeing the world
  • Embrace a new world of curiosity, observation and listening so that you can identify opportunities when presented to you out of the blue
  • Realize this is the edge that can help you transform your life

The NMJA is based on the findings laid out in the fresh new leadership book, ‘The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long’ by Kevin Cottam