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The Journey to Leadership for the Next Evolution

There is currently a planetary realisation and desire, thus a movement, to globally Explore, Expand, Emerge, Experience, And Evolve (5E’s Model). Organisations and individuals are beginning to move away from conventional and industrialized thinking. For this, you will need to discover what is your dominant mindset: Nomadic, Builder or Settler.

3 Mindset
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This new generation of leaders will impact people, performance, and the planet for years to come. Are you ready to lead the world? Because the focus of our program is to give you a fresh new opportunity to explore and uncover leadership through the lens of an expanded mindset, The Nomadic Mindset, you can, and will, be at the helm of cutting-edge leadership.  

Our leadership training offers you the chance to develop, upskill, and empower fit-ready, agile, and courageous leaders for the next evolution.


Three Leadership Paths to the Next Evolution

We have chosen to align with three leadership knowledge/skill paths to develop organisational, institutional, and personal evolutionary change by embracing The Nomadic Mindset. The core of the paths is extracted from the 15 chapters in the leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long.


1. Wisdom


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2. Resilience


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3. Executive Presence


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Journey Options

Option 1: Elder Journey

Audience: C-Suite Leadership Team
Objective: Focusing on understanding the behaviours and values engrained in the intelligence of the nomadic journey, their value, and the impact they can have on developing new, inclusive workplace environments and models by reflecting, discovering, and connecting the dots will allow you to create and map your organisational and leadership model for the next evolution.

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Option 2: Senior Warrior Journey

Audience: Senior managers/leaders, team leaders, teams, direct reports, innovation teams
Objective: We take senior managers, direct reports, and their teams on a journey to develop inclusive, diverse leadership communities that are agile, courageous, and adaptive and leave a lasting impact on the organisation, clients, and planet.

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Option 3: Warrior Journey, Individual Modules of the 3 Skill Areas

Audience: All levels
Objective: The focus is for everyone in your organisation to explore different modules on any of the 3 paths or a mix of the paths. The goal is to expand their mindsets, helping them to be more creative, agile, adaptive, and borderless. We discuss and collaborate with you to curate your current and future needs. 

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Leadership for the Next Evolution: All Journey Modules

Nomadic Journey Mapping Model

We have created the Nomadic Journey Mapping Model to guide, assist, and lead you to expansion and evolutionary action. These actions live in The Nomadic Mindset and drive.

Nomadic Journey
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Let’s go Nomading Together