CEO, Global Nomad of Go Nomading Pte. Ltd.

Kevin Cottam, PCC, BSc

CEO, Global Nomad of Go Nomading Pte. Ltd.

Located: Singapore, Vancouver, Lisbon


  • Empower future-ready courageous leaders
  • Expand new leaders’ wisdom
  • Embrace a Nomadic Mindset so we can MoveOn beyond management to leadership
  • Explore creativity through the Nomadic Mindset
  • Energize resilience through adaptation to create agile environments
  • Experience powerful executive presence through effective communication

How: Executive coaching, speaking, facilitating, mentoring, partnering, authoring

“We are migrating. Where we were is not where we are. We are evolving.”

Benson Muntere, Maasai Warrior, Kenya.

Kevin Cottam is on a mission. That mission is The Nomadic Mindset. He believes people have become too narrow in their mindsets, and to survive and thrive in Industry 5.0 and the 21st century, organisational expansion is vital. The magic of a coach and a professional keynote speaker encourages this expansion by removing the barriers in the mind so possibilities can emerge, evolve, and flourish.

And these aren’t just empty words or pie-in-the-sky ideas. Kevin has migrated, lived, and worked as a coach, author, and speaker on four continents and in 15 major cities.

From his humble beginnings as a child living in a logging camp of 300 on an isolated lake in Western Canada to the ice rinks of the world as a former elite choreographer of world and Olympic figure-skating champions and director of multimillion-dollar touring skating productions and the 1988 Calgary Olympic Closing Ceremonies, Kevin has learned, lived, and experienced.

From award-winning short dance filmmaker to coaching executives in EU institutions and the private sectors to speaking at conferences, in boardrooms, and in training rooms for multinational enterprises, Kevin has attained cultural insight, awareness, and stories that enrich his inspirational speaking, coaching, and writing.

He leverages his more than forty years of a diverse and expansive life and his real-life research to build, grow, and encourage leaders to evolve and lead masterfully with a deeper whole awareness of themselves and their organisation and sustainable planet-care.

Kevin’s colourful and insightful journey researching the ancient nomadic wisdom in Mongolia, the Maasai in Southern Kenya, and the Berbers of the Sahara in Southern Morocco and Namibia and his extensive interviews with over 100 executives is the focal point of his fresh story- and image-driven leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle … for Too Long.

He is a member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) and International Coaching Federation (ICF), sits on the Board of Trustees of the Yagazie Foundation in Nigeria, and privately supports the education of Maasai children in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

What happens when you put together fascinating content from onsite global experience with a dynamic professional speaker, a person with tremendous passion to make a meaningful life-changing contribution and who is a certified SUN and ICF-accredited coach? You get Kevin Cottam, PCC. Kevin presented things that were new, exciting, and useful. It stretched people into an awareness of the essence of who they are as a person and a coach. He engaged us all.

-Teri-E Belf, MCC, Executive Director, Success Unlimited Network (SUN)-

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