I got dressed up in layers of clothing as I don’t have a lot of cold weather gear in Singapore. After leaving the hotel to do a walk-about, I headed to the massive square that sits in front of the majestic and rather over-powering Parliament Buildings. This feels a little like the left-overs from the Communist era, of which could be seen from much of the Mongolian architecture.

My first task was to figure out how do I cross the road!

Shouldn’t be a problem that would occur in your mind. Right? I couldn’t find a crosswalk, then found what seemed to be some lines on the potholed pavement. The traffic was still log-jammed and standing still so I thought this was my chance to take my life into my own hands and be brave like a Chinggis Kaahn warrior. Think like a Nomad and Act Like a Nomad came to my mind. I saw another lady wanting to cross the street so we did it both together. Strangely she followed me as I carved a passage weaving through the cars to get to the other side.

“If you’re afraid – don’t do it, – if you’re doing it – don’t be afraid!”

Genghis Kahn or Chinggis Kaahn

I found that the cars would rather run you over than stop to let you cross.

Or – perhaps you have to just make decisions very quickly – which is another behavior I came to understand about The Nomadic Mindset. Perhaps they are more courteous to the sheep, horses or camels that cross the roads. I found this to be true later.

As I have found out on all occasions, you need to think like a nomad and keep your senses peaked. This can be said for all locations in the world and in most situations of life. Maybe the romanticism of this culture was overshadowing my thoughts and especially my reasons for why I was here.

After getting to the Square, I was then free to wander around, viewing the statue of the leader of Democracy in the center of the square, the very powerful statue of Chinggis Kaahn in the center of the entrance to the Parliament Buildings and more. The sun was now rapidly setting and the cold wind began to blow. I was freezing and hungry – time to head indoors to eat and get warm. I choose the ‘Broadway’ Restaurant. To get there though, I needed to cross the street again! I did it with boldness, determination, and ease. Maybe I am getting this nomadic confidence after all!

Kevin Cottam, the Global Nomad