I ate my dinner at the Broadway in Ulan Batar and it was rather full, mind you, it was a Friday evening. As this is a very meat-centric country, a vegetarian is limited in food choices. This is what I am, a vegetarian or, I have recently learned a term, Flexitarian. This was a perfect time to be a Flexitarian! With that in mind, I choose Broccoli Cream soup and a Caesar salad with Chicken.

As I have found out during my travels, in many other countries they are not so flexible, or Flexitarian, when it comes to changing the menu for you. So, I conceded to eating the chicken. I am not dead so its fine to be a Flexitarian when the situation calls for it.

I found out that in Ulan Batar, all the menu’s in different restaurants or café bars had a Broccoli or a Mushroom cream soup. I was good then for keeping my tummy warm during my stay here. Seems mushrooms and broccoli are big in Mongolia.

“For a flexible person, it is impossible not to reach his destination, because by using his ability to be flexible, he can easily define a nearer new destination!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

I had a young lady serving me, who was very attentive with her service and her English was pretty good. In fact, as the youth/millennials in Ulan Batar realize the importance of being a global citizen, they are all becoming very proficient in English. Overall, the knowledge of the English language is getting better across the country.

I learned a few words and phrases from a couple of Mongolian guys who sat next to me on the plane. I always do this when going to a foreign country, as I feel this is an entry point to learn a few greetings and simple phrases. It endears you further to the people that you meet and shows respect for the people and their customs. Again being flexible or Flexitarian in your linguistic abilities gives you a lot of bonus points. Meet the people in their world and bring them to you!!

During this trip, I learned that being flexible is, with certainty, a trait of a nomadic mindset. More on this later.

I left the restaurant and almost got hit by a car crossing the road! Be nomadic, flexible and bold, I thought! That got me to the other side and back to my hotel safely. I tucked myself in my king size bed which was warm and had lots of pillows.