#globalnomadgrateful: When I reflect on my journey to writing The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long, I remember so many things I experienced that have been enlightening in so many ways. That’s why I would like to share five points of gratitude with you as I sense they can be of benefit to everyone on every journey. We all know the points below unconsciously; however, it is important to consciously realize them.

1. Get a Mentor: We have heard time and time again that it’s important to get a mentor or coach. The spark that lit this fire of mine was working with my mentor, Fredrik Härén, on my theme, keynote, and creative idea; traveling with him; and having him challenge me . When he said, “now you need to research, both with executives and nomadic cultures,” I was instantly freaked out, frightened, and truly taken out of my comfort zone. Being Grateful for…being put in uncomfortable situations has given me a new lease on life.

2. Do Research: Research has been something I have never been fond of doing even though I have been doing it unconsciously my whole life. However, consciously setting out on a path of research turned out to be great, and even challenging at times, as it could have put me in some rather life-threatening situations. Being Grateful for…doing the research has given me a deeper sense of awareness and confidence; deeper, more diverse knowledge; and an acceptance of other cultures and mindsets.

3. Seek Feedback: Getting critical feedback on my manuscript from people in diverse environments was crucial. In fact, I benefitted from feedback at every critical milestone—from writing and marketing to cover design and internal book design—and this journey will continue for years now. But then, too, as I was told over and over again, you make up your own mind about what is right in the end. Being Grateful for…all the people who have given me critical feedback has pushed me in many new directions.

4. Realize the Emotional Journey: Writing a book is personal. It hits you inside and out with the multiple emotions that pop up at the most unexpected moments. The voice you want to create takes time and it evolves. You will go from elation to unhappiness, from sadness and anxiety to moments of light—your emotions go everywhere. This is good because now you are alive, so what you are writing must be alive. Being Grateful for…these very difficult emotions has helped me grow more and more passionate about this project and direction.

5. Set Up a Support System: Writing can be a very lonely existence as you intently, on a daily basis, sit to write. Sometimes a lot pours out of you, sometimes nothing does, or sometimes just a few words or ideas will trickle out. Frustration will set in, and you’ll have moments of despair and ask yourself, why the F… am I doing this? We all need a support system made up of those who have both enormous empathy and a dabble of persistence to give you those gentle (or sometimes forceful) nudges. Being Grateful for…many members of Asia Pacific Singapore Speakers, friends, and family has kept me going towards my goal: completion.

The journey has been worth it, even if at times it seemed it was stretching me too far. It is not over yet; still more milestones are on the horizon. I have to admit, this has been the most difficult project I have ever undertaken. I found it easier to create, write, design, choreograph, and direct large touring skating shows than to write this book. However, I am truly grateful that my past experience creating large productions has helped me get through this. In fact, this is my new type of production and choreography. Who knows? Maybe there is a show in this as well.

We all have our own productions or events in life. You don’t have to write a book to understand these lessons of gratitude. You can be a school teacher, a CEO of a multibillion-dollar company, a mother, a manager—anyone. These are realizations that suit everyone.

I am sure you understand all this. Just remember to Breathe, to Live every moment, as life is about movement inside and outside of us. Writing is massive movement that can take you everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is all meant to help you grow. Pick up your pen and start writing … if that is your dream … then follow it.