Awakening the Day

I have been told that the Maasai Mara would change my life.  I can say that I am beginning to feel inside something and not sure what it is, I just know that something is happening inside of me. It is the deeper sense of the Nomadic Mindset.

I awoke this wonderful morning to the sweets scintillating sounds of the birds serenading me. I could sense all over me the marvellous rhythm of the day ahead. The sun was beginning to raise its beautiful warm bright circular orange head and I felt a great sense of calm inside of me as that sun began to rise inside of me.  With that, I decided to sit and meditate.

In my meditation, it came to me that calm might be a combination of silence and alertness all at the same time. This is what meditation is about.

The Sense of the Maasai Mara.

There is a tremendous silence here in the environment of the Maasai Mara as you will find in many natural environments around the world. You truly only see, hear and fully peak your senses to the magic of nature unfolding in front of you, around you and within you. This is part of the nomadic mindset. It is the roaming inside of the mind as well as your whole being.  Here you can discover that alert silence is breathtaking and revealing at the same time.  Meditation helps!

Two Wings of the Bird

It seems all the different sounds of the birds come to together like an organic symphony of natures true multiple instruments.  Within those sounds there is silence and stillness. Within those sounds there is activity and alertness.  The two – silence and alertness – are like the two wings of a bird.  It gives you flight, freedom and much more.  Ah the sweet sense of just taking a deep breath and breath it all in – silence and alertness at the same time.  How do you feel?

I am beginning to find my silence and alertness at the same time as I discover from the Maasai and nature what is this nomadic mindset and how it is so rewarding to life.

‘The forest has ears’

Maasai Proverb

Qualities of the Nomadic Mindset

I question myself, is this Nomadic Mindset something we have lost over the centuries past and something we can get back as well. I believe definitely yes we can as it sits inside all of us, we maybe just don’t see or sense it or see it as something else. We all were nomads at the beginning of creation and the Nomadic Mindset still lives vibrantly inside each one of you.

The qualities of the Nomadic Mindset can also help you, your teams and organizations truly find the true essence of how to be successful as you move forward in this very fast paced world.  The Nomadic Mindset also slows you down a bit and this can heighten your alertness and speed.  Two of the qualities of a Nomadic Mindset are silence and alertness, are like the two wings of the bird. 

Is this a new discovery?

Is this something new to me, perhaps no.  Is this something new to you, perhaps not. Yet sometimes we need to discover the roaming or nomadicness in our mind which translates to the rest of your body. It is then revealed through your behaviours, actions, decisions, communications no matter where you are or what organization you are within.

Silence and alertness are something to respect and wake up to. These nomadic qualities are within you and you just need to listen to your true sense of the nomad.

You may ask, how do I find this living in a big city with so many irritating sounds of cars, horns, people’s voices, the buzz of life and the speed of existence today. Here another nomadic quality comes into play and that is adaptation.  More on that in another blog post!

For now, begin to open to your nomadic mindset qualities and discovery the Two Wings of the Bird Silence and Alertness.  Perhaps for you, meditation is that path to this, for others it may be prayer, or sitting/walking/running in nature, listening to music, reflecting or simply listening. The Maasai in the Maasai Mara live this nomadic mindset and it also lives within you and your organisations.

Awaken the Nomad in you!!!  Start Roaming!