For most of us, a new decade is a big milestone and it is also another good opportunity to ReThink life, leadership, relationships, the way we solve problems and more.  Just take one step at a time though. 

When you read through the following story, pick out the words that inspire you to solve problems with a different way of thinking or mindset.   

Said Zaki, a proud Berber nomad from the Sahara in Southern Morocco, says to me, Berbers see ‘everything as an opportunity’.  This includes the desert and sand itself.  It is filled with opportunities.  Just as it is an opportunity for you read this e-book. This is an opportunity to learn or see things from a different perspectiveImagine what your life and mindset might be like if you saw both positive and negative things as opportunities 2 learn or O2L  – even as hard as that might seem at times.

Said further says, nomads modulate their lives to the sand. The sand is always moving and creating unchartered territories. It never settles for too long and that is the same for you.  Never settle for too long, just long enough to reap the harvest. This takes an agile, flexible thinking mind that observes, listens and is alert to whatever may appear – i.e. the signposts.  These signposts of opportunities appear in different ways, large and small, and sometimes we are blind to the smallest and perhaps most important signposts.  They can appear as sounds, signs, marketing, a word someone uses, something in your house that you haven’t seen for a long time and the list goes on.  Nomads know these signposts will lead them to their destination. Being able or even willing to recognize those signposts can lead you to a different destination, like Einstein shares ‘a different thinking’, that you never thought possible.

Said says, the sand creates different opportunities and we must adapt and flow to the ever evolving new environment which is changing all the time, it is just normal and the way of life.  To be able to do this, he shares, they know they must be still, alert, actively listen and observe the signs that the environment will display. This is the nomads inner GPS.  To understand this inner GPS, you might want to tap into your innate nomadic mindset. 

As you enter into 2020, consider the way you see the world, make decisions, create new solutions that are sustainable or different than the way you normally think; take small steps to embrace the words of Said and the nomadic mindset that lives and is your GPS of life, but you just might have forgotten.  Look for signposts that will take you in a different direction and experience something fresh and new.

2020: Time to Rethink – still, alert, listen, observe, agile, flexible, adaptable, opportunities, signposts, evolving, new environment, unchartered territory, flow, create, never settle for too long, direction, destination, journey, experience …


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