NMJA Workshop option 1: In-House or Virtual Event Bite-Sized NMJA Internal Event


Length: 3.5 hours

Delivery: Virtual or In-House

Attendees: A department, team, managers, executive board, or leadership team

Pax: 12 to 30 (numbers can vary depending on group)

Customization: We work with the client to co-create the best possible outcome by discovering in advance the specific needs of the organisation and the reason for attending this bite-sized event.

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Complete our unique NMJA before attending this half-day interactive event which will take you on a short journey to

  • Debrief, explain, and clarify the results of your personal assessment
  • Llearn about the stages of the nomadic mindset journey and their benefits to individuals, teams and organisations (especially in today’s new world)
  • Discover strength behaviours that will help you and your team better thrive together
  • Discover shadow-side behaviours that might be holding your team back
  • Create actionable steps forward to accelerate your nomadic mindset journey.


The event whether virtual or live event will,

1. Be interactive using different activities depending on the presentation format

  • virtual – chats, polls, breakout rooms, whiteboard, videos
  • live – breakout groups, videos, music, journey mapping, physical activity

2. use the 5D’s Coaching Journey Model (taking you from where you were ‘old world’ to discovering your ‘new world’)

  • Direction: Where are you heading or going or want to find out
  • Departure: What information do you need to know or gather before you start your journey
  • Discovery: What will discover along the way, learn and realize
  • Destination: What is your new world and the actions you will take to implement the new world or behaviours or actions
  • Distillation: Where have you come from, i.e. the journey and learnings


The event whether virtual or live event will,

  1. Higher level of self-awareness of where you are on your personal journey to the nomadic mindset
  2. Discover your strengths and shadows sides.
  3. Build more confidence and energy to expand your thoughts and actions
  4. Develop the nomadic mindset across your team or organisation.
  5. Discover your own path to migrate through the nomadic mindset journey and into meaningful, bold and measurable action
  6. Follow the 5D’s Coaching Model

Further Information

All the workshops are bespoke. They are best integrated with a follow-up coaching package for individuals and teams. This will help to lead to more sustainable transformation and higher inspired performance levels.


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