Stephanie Nash

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Tagline: Mindset is the Differentiator

Points to Learn

  1. Shift from HR to People Officers – more Human
  2. Emphasis on the Value of Humans as Assets
  3. The Talent Deficit – a Global Challenge (Digital Capability)
  4. Education and structure of learning needs to change to keep up with Industry needs
  5. Mindset and Behaviour is vital
  6. Use of Assessments/Psychometrics – helpful technology
  7. ‘Think Vastly, Act Narrowly’ – HR Professionals need to think this way
  8. Innovation needs the nomadic mindset professional
  9. Importance of Alignment of Action and Words
  10. Trends for hiring HR Professionals
  11. Demonstrate curiosity and open to continuous learning
  12. Think . Do . Impact

Duration: 36.09


Stephanie Nash

SN_LemursStephanie Nash is an accomplished human resources leader with more than two decades’ experience living and working in Asia, Australia, and South America, in addition to her home country of the United States.

During this time, she has served Fortune 500 companies, including BHP Billiton, Microsoft, and Allergan as well as serving as the Chief People Officer for the successful Singapore based ‘start-up’ recently acquired by Lazada-Alibaba. Throughout her career, she has worked in multiple roles across industries, business units, functional areas, and geographies in local, multi-country, and global capacities

Currently living in Singapore, Stephanie is using her HR, commercial and international experience to improve organizational and functional capability at ChapmanCG, the Global Executive Search firm specializing in HR.

Stephanie graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor Degree in Management and holds a Diploma in Human Resources from University of California, Berkeley.

Outside of the profession, Stephanie enjoys time with her husband and two daughters, and their exploration of the diversity of cultures in Asia-Pacific.