Philippe Guichard

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Tagline: Trust the Creative Process – Let it Flow!

Points to Learn

  1. What is Industrial Design?
  2. Applied creativity is an outcome that is expected
  3. 3 Steps of Creativity: Immersion, Doing the Work, Letting Go
  4. Trends – high pace products and purposeful and thoughtful design (ecosystem thinking)
  5. Thoughtful design for the triple bottom line (circular economy)
  6. Lay the open conversation on the table to develop trust
  7. Trust in the process speeds up the production
  8. What is the mindset where you start from in design?
  9. What is your intention when you start a project sets the design process.
  10. Educate customers/clients on the value of the whole product cycle – shift their mindset!!!
  11. Include sustainability in the whole product life cycle – the whole ecosystem
  12. The social impact on the whole Ecosystem
  13. The power of storytelling helps capture the CEO
  14. There is no failure just learning in the design journey
  15. The value of the tea ceremony for developing trust and gaining clarity
  16. 3 things a CEO needs to understand about a creator: Trust, Respecting the Qualities, Collaboration

Duration: 53.01 minutes


Philippe Guichard

Industrial Designer, Keynote Speaker

Philippe GuichardPhilippe Guichard is an award-winning, international industrial designer. He has launched numerous successful products – a feat, which is also helped by his background in mechanical engineering. In 2013 he founded his Melbourne design studio, D2 Design and Development. Philippe’s vision is to help change the way we produce and consume “things” by designing purposeful products and companies, ultimately for the triple bottom line: profit, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Philippe is passionate about making a positive difference to the world through his work as a designer and through sharing his ideas as a speaker.

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