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The Nomadic Mindset
Podcast (TNMP)

With Kevin Cottam

The Nomadic Mindset is, ‘The Movement of the Mind’

Batgerel Bat, Head of the National Branding Council of Mongolia

Welcome Nomads and Aspiring Nomads

The Nomadic Mindset Podcast (TNMP)

‘Where ancient wisdom meets modern leadership to inspire a fresh path forward’ 

“Think Vastly, Act Narrowly”

Binderiya, Student at the National University of Mongolia

Let’s go Nomading Together

…to explore, expand, emerge, experience and evolve through tapping into your Nomadic Mindset. Discover the qualities, attitudes, and behaviours vital for 21st Century Organisations.  Most of all let’s have some fun on this journey.

Show up with,

  1. Your intuitive keen curiosity
  2. Your willingness to explore, expand, emerge and evolve
  3. Your agility to intently listen, observe and question

Are you ready to #gonomading?

Let’s Go!

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Let’s go Nomading Together

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